Seafood gifts sell briskly at Pattaya market

Business was brisk at the Lan Po market in Naklua as people swarmed the seafood shops buying as much seafood as they could to take back to their hometowns for the Songkran holidays.

Lan Po Market seafood sellers expect to catch a boatload of customers during Songkran.

Pattaya police were forced to set up dedicated lanes for people visiting the Naklua market April 11 to buy seafood for Songkran.

Many people started traveling back to their hometowns Tuesday morning, buying seafood for gifts before they left. Vendors stocked up on sealed coolers to keep the fish fresh.

An oyster seller at Jay Fon said business has been good since the weekend with shrimp with egg heads, river prawns and fresh oysters all selling well.

Prices remain the same as during Songkran 2021, as wholesale prices haven’t increased despite surging inflation in Thailand.

Jay Fon, owner of an oyster shop said that business was thriving since the weekend as people planned to go home for their Songkran holidays with lots of seafood.

Sealed coolers were in high demand for the transport of seafood on long journeys.