Pattaya police finally get around to raiding Chinese hair salon

Provincial police officers raided the Hair Salon on 2nd Road and charged the Chinese owner for operating a restricted profession and hiring foreigners without work permits.

Despite it operating in the middle of Pattaya for years, local police suddenly realized the hair salon with the big Chinese-language sign was run by Chinese nationals, not Thais.

Provincial police and Immigration officers showed up at the plainly named “Hair Salon” on Second Road Nov. 22 to find three Chinese and two other hill-tribe stylists with no Thai nationality working on Chinese customers.

Wang Xuping, 34, asked what all the fuss was. After all, he said, he’d been open for years with no problems.
Police explained that hairdressing is an occupation reserved for Thai nationals. And Wang was not only not Thai; he was employing foreigners without work permits in jobs for which they can’t get work permits.

Wang said no one told him.
All five were sent to Pattaya police station to face various immigration and labor offenses.

Wang Xuping was a little surprised about the raid saying he had been operating for many years without any problems.

Two non-Thai employees were found to be working without work permits.