Pattaya police finally arrest a gold snatcher

A traffic CCTV camera catches Teeramet Ratsameeduan as he drives around the streets of Pattaya looking for a victim to commit his criminal act.

After months of failing to arrest anyone stealing gold chains from Indian tourists, Pattaya police finally nabbed a necklace snatcher, this time within four hours.

Teeramet Ratsameeduan, 30, was apprehended Aug. 4 following a morning robbery of a Thai woman walking on Soi Buakhao 15 with her foreign boyfriend. Teeramet was accused of snatching the 50-satang weight gold chain from her neck while driving by on a motorbike. At today’s gold prices the chain is worth about 15,000 baht.

Police used CCTV cameras to get his license plate and follow him home.
Police said Teeramet confessed he did it because he wasn’t earning enough money as a day laborer. But a criminal background check showed he’d been jailed in 2016 for the same offense.

The victim didn’t get her gold back; however, as Teeramet claimed he dropped it while trying to escape.

After interrogation by the chief of Pattaya police, Teeramet Ratsameeduan is locked up in jail until his trial.