Pattaya-Nong Plailai engineers rush to repair flood damaged roads

Krerk Prabrat and Bavorn Moonsrakhu from Nong Plalai Municipality inspect the damaged road before the repair work bean.

Residents living in the Nong Plalai municipality bemoaned the deplorable state of their roads that were severely damaged during the recent rains making it almost impossible to commute between their villages and communities.

On getting the complaints from their constituents, municipal authorities immediately dispatched engineers of the Sanitary Engineering Division to investigate and urgently fix the badly damaged roads.

On July 15, Krerk Prabrat, Advisor to Nong Plalai Mayor, accompanied by Bavorn Moonsrakhoo, Nong Plalai Municipal Clerk inspected the repair work in progress at Moo 4 SR, Bang Nawang in Nong Plalai district in the Pattaya suburb.

Krerk said that this was just an emergency measure to fill in the potholes and level the road for commuters to use. He assured the public that he will requisition a budget to build a permanent concrete road in the very near future.

Repair work is carried out at a rapid pace. The municipality promised to build a concrete road once their request for a budget is approved.