Pattaya may face summer storm from March 2-4

The Meteorological Department has issued warnings of summer storms hitting most parts of Thailand while Pattaya city and provinces on the eastern coast may also embrace heavy rains and high waves from March 2-4

Pattaya city and provinces in the eastern coast may embrace the summer storm from March 2-4 as alerted by the Meteorological Department.

The city hall officials were preparing to deal with the situation, especially the health bureau, which will promote knowledge and advice to people about summer healthcare particularly in the risk groups including young children, the elderly, people with congenital disease, and those who work under the sun and at beaches. Fishermen and sea voyagers were warned of high waves off the coasts.

The city engineering department has also prepared the drainage system to cope with the rain situation that may affect many areas in Pattaya especially in the frequently flooded areas and lowlands.


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