Pattaya launches short, free foreign-language courses

Pattaya residents interested in learning to speak basic Chinese and English were given free lessons at Pattaya School No. 6 and at School No. 10 on Koh Larn Island.

Pattaya launched another round of free, but short, foreign language courses in English and Chinese.

City Councilman Banjong Banthoonprayuk opened the training at Pattaya School No. 6 Feb. 5 with courses also available at the same time at School No. 10 on Koh Larn.

The English course run by the Pattaya Education Department’s Non-Formal and Informal Education Office attracted 47 people while the Chinese class drew 34.

Due to their short nature, the language skills taught will be restricted to basic phrases. Classes run 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Sunday from Feb. 5 to March 5.