Pattaya hotelier bashed over 1,000-baht keycard-replacement fee

Staff of Honest Rooms treats Hitesh Harivadan Shah for a wound on his face after a guest who had lost her key-card hit him with a hand-sanitizer bottle stand.

An Indian hotelier was injured when a drunken guest smashed him in the face after being fined for losing her keycard.

Hitesh Harivadan Shah, 53, sustained a long, bloody gash after being hit with a stand for a hand-sanitizer bottle at Honest Rooms in South Pattaya Oct. 15.

Shah said the unidentified woman got angry and belligerent after being told she had to pay 1,000 baht for a lost room keycard.

After hitting the hotelier, the woman who rented room No. 601 ran off. Police presumably know the identity of the hotel guest and will summon her for questioning.
The injured hotelier was taken to a hospital for further treatment of his facial injury.

Staff and police escort Hitesh Harivadan Shah to a hospital for treatment of his injury.