Pattaya grandma carried to polls on Election Day

Somjit Pansing is carried to the polling station at the St. Nicolas Church so she could vote for Pattaya’s new mayor and the team of counsellors.

Somjit Pansing was only 64 the last time she voted in a Pattaya city election. Now 74, she wasn’t going to miss possibly her last chance to vote, even if she had to be carried to the polls.

Somjit lost the ability to walk since the last Pattaya election in 2012, so her nephew picked her up, literally, to bring her to the polling station May 22 at St. Nicolas Church.

She showed her identification card, signed her name with a fingerprint and a poll worker then carried her to the voting booth. He then brought the ballot box for her to cast her vote.

Somjit said she was delighted to vote for Pattaya’s next mayor and members of the city council. She’s poor and has a difficult life, so she wanted to help elect people that will improve the city’s economy.

Poll station officials help grandma Somjit into a chair.

Grandma Somjit was afforded all the assistance with registration so she could cast her vote without any inconvenience.

Grandma Somjit was given a chair at the polling booth, so she could mark her ballot in comfort.