5th Indian in 5 weeks robbed of gold in Pattaya

Santosh Gunda and his friends were strolling along the beach when transgender prostitutes accosted and groped him, at the same time grabbed his 50,000 baht necklace and took off.

Another week, another Indian robbed of a thick gold chain in Pattaya.

Apparently Santosh Gunda, 40, never heard about the other four Indian men who, since April 20, have been robbed of fat gold chains worth at least five months salaries to many Thais.

He told police on May 21 he was strolling along Beach Road with the 50,000-baht chain swinging from his neck when several transgender prostitutes accosted and groped him. He was too distracted to realize one grabbed his necklace.

Santosh and his buddies tried to track down the thieves without success.

Police have not solved any of the five crimes against Indian expats and tourists in the past five weeks.