Pattaya crowd watches as thugs beat Surin man senseless

Paramedics arrived to find a badly injured Sutipong slumped on the ground after having been brutally assaulted by two full body tattooed thugs.

Police are hunting two tattooed thugs who beat a Surin man senseless in Pattaya.
Sutipong Jaikla, 21, was writhing in pain on Soi Land Department 6 when paramedics arrived. His face was bloody and swollen when he was transported to a local hospital.

Witnesses said two men with full body tattoos pulled up to the Sutipong on big motorcycles and then began punching him until he fell to the ground. They kicked him in the head until he passed out.

Bystanders just stood around and watched or recorded the incident on video but said they didn’t want to help the victim because one attacker was carrying a bag that might have contained weapons.

Police pulled CCTV camera footage and are trying to track the offenders.

People just watched as the two thugs kicked the living daylights out of the young man for fear that one the baddies had weapons in his bag.