Pattaya councilmen seek end to neighbors’ poop war

Pattaya City councilmen together with a veterinarian and public-health officers inspected Soi Jaidee in South Pattaya where pet owners were directed to scoop their dogs’ poop right away.

Three city councilmen told South Pattaya pet owners to clean up after their dogs.

Banjong Banthoonprayuk, Jirawat Plukjai and Wasan Sukkee brought a veterinarian and public-health officers with them March 20 to Soi Jaidee, where things are anything but jaidee (kind-hearted).

Neighbors with dogs and those without are warring over canines dumping in their yards and on the street and being left there by owners.

The councilmen reminded dog owners they can be fined for failing to pick up after their dogs and directed them to go scoop poop right away.