Pattaya cool breeze draws tourists out to Walking Street nightlife

Pattaya City is the city that never sleeps.

Pattaya City this weekend sees cool weather and strong winds in the city area and on the beaches. Average temperature drop of about 1-2 °C. The temperature can go down to 21-23 °Cwith fog at night and in the morning. The maximum temperature can top30-33 °C during day time.

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The cool weather lets a large number of night goers walk out of their hotels and residents and hang out with friends and families at nightlife entertainment of Pattaya’s most famous night spot – the Walking Street. Tourists are seen at pubs, bars, and other entertainment locations throughout the city this weekend.

For sea travelers, it will be windy. Wave height is about 2 meters on Pattaya shore and the east coast and above 2 meters offshore. Trips to island are available. Travelers are warned of high waves during the journey and are requested to wear life-saving vests at all time.

Friends hang out at an entertainment and take a group selfie together.


Pattaya Walking Street is famous for its nightlife enthusiasm and liveliness.


Friends are the best company for a night out.

Pattaya weekend is alive when we meet up with new friends.

Dressed up and ready for the night.


Let’s have a sip on a glass of fruit juice together.


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