Pattaya continues vigorous fight against coronavirus

Workers sweep the grounds of Wat Kratingthong in Jomtien.

There is no let-up in the fight to kill all impurities in Pattaya and the surrounding area to block the invasion of the deadly coronavirus.

The Disease Prevention and Control Division, Disease Control Section and Cleanliness and Sewage Maintenance Section, Public Health Office, officers of Environment Office, Pattaya City, roamed the streets and markets including private shops to sweep, scrub, wash and spray disinfectant for protection and eradication of any contagious diseases.

At the same time, residents were encouraged to wash their hands often with soap or sanitizing gel and wear a face mask to protect themselves from the COVID-19 coronavirus. (PCPR)

Kwan Muang Market in Jomtien gets a heavy dose of disinfectant.
The ‘Bot’ or main prayer room of Wat Boonkanjanaram where devotees congregate is sprayed with disinfectant.
Every slide, swing, see-saw and crawling tunnel at the children’s playground on Jomtien Beach is sprayed with disinfectant.

Lan Pho community area in Naklua also gets the treatment.
A private clothing shop in Lan Pho gets a coat of disinfectant.
A pharmacy in Lan Pho also gets doused in disinfectant.

A rice, wheat and grain trading shop in Lan Pho is cleansed with disinfectant.
A health offer sprays disinfectant around the Buddha statues at Wat Pa Suthiphawan in Nong Plalai district.
In Soi Khopai, city workers spray convenience stores, boxing camps, and houses.
Enforcement officers screen vendors and customers at Lan Pho Market, Naklua.
Nongprue sanitizing team drives down Chaiyapornwithi-Crocodile Farm spraying disinfectant against coronavirus.
Nongprue residents hand refreshments to Nongprue Deputy Mayor Niyom Thiangtham (3rd right, wearing mask) and to the dedicated team of Nongprue public health officials to cheer them up on their hard day’s mission.