Mail-order pot dealers deliver in person, get arrested in Pattaya

Banglamung Police arrested the 3 young men for allegedly selling marijuana on Facebook.

Banglamung Police arrested three people allegedly selling marijuana on Facebook.

Three young men were apprehended with 50 kilograms of grass, 62 shipping boxes, three mobile phones and a motorbike April 4.

Banglamung police said the arrests stemmed from a weed smoker they busted who gave up his online source for the ganja.

Police set up a buy online and set up delivery on a Bangkok roadside. One of the dealers arrived and was arrested. Under interrogation, he gave up his alleged partners.

The accused drug dealers said they usually shipped their products via the mail to avoid being arrested when showing up in person.

They were charged with trafficking in a Class 5 narcotic. They are helping police catch their supplier.