Pattaya completes safety swimming zones on Koh Larn Island

Visitors can now enjoy the safety of designated swimming zones at Tawaen Beach on Koh Larn Island.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The recent completion of buoy installation to delineate swimming zones, particularly at Tawaen Beach on Koh Larn Island, signifies a significant milestone in Pattaya City’s on-going efforts to bolster safety measures for island tourists.

Tawaen Beach, renowned for its popularity among both local and international tourists, has introduced swimming zones aimed at safeguarding visitors’ lives and properties during leisure activities, particularly on holidays.

While the establishment of swimming zones at Tawaen Beach represents progress in enhancing safety measures, challenges persist in managing the arrival and departure of speedboat shuttles to the island, contributing to water traffic congestion.

To address this issue, Pattaya City plans to implement regulations governing speedboat shuttles, mandating adherence to designated routes and prompt departure after picking up or dropping off tourists. This regulatory framework aims to fortify safety protocols and alleviate congestion within the designated swimming zones.

Pattaya City encourages visitors to enjoy the water within the designated areas, where comprehensive safety measures, including the presence of lifeguards and beach umbrella operators, ensure a secure environment for water activities.