Pattaya compiling list of most-dangerous traffic spots

The Nok Khao intersection in Soi Arunothai off Pattaya Central Road is considered to be one of the most dangerous in town.

Pattaya’s community leaders are compiling a list of the most dangerous traffic spots in the city in hopes of obtaining funding to eliminate the hazards.

Orawan Sukananwong, president of the Pattaya Communities Association, chaired a June 8 meeting at the Chumsai Community Hall with three neighborhood representatives who detailed the dangerous zones in their respective areas.

Radsamee Suksuperm, a board member with the Chumsai Community, said the intersection of Central and Sukhumvit roads is her neighborhood’s risk point, due to the high volume of traffic.

Amnuay Muangthong, vice president of the Arunothai Community, listed the Soi Nok Khao intersection off central Pattaya as being congested and unorganized.

All the intersections crisscrossing the railway parallel road in east Pattaya are considered to be very dangerous and traffic needs to be regulated.

Surin Yimyai, former president of Soi 5 December community, highlighted all the East Pattaya intersections with the railway-parallel road, a route on which cars travel too quickly as cars try to pull in and out of major residential streets.

Pantakan Phomprankul, an advisor to the Chonburi Thai Health Promotion Foundation, said all the information will be given to the foundation as it prepares an action plan to address high-risk traffic zones in the province.

Communities approved for assistance can expect new traffic lines painted, installation of convex safety mirrors or corners, and repairs to broken road surfaces, as well as public relations about the need to drive safely and comply with traffic laws.

Members of the Pattaya Communities Association met at Chumsai Community Hall to point out the dangerous traffic zones in their respective areas.