Pattaya cleans up homeless community and provides medical assistance

The city officials speak to a homeless woman to gain a better understanding of their situation and seek their cooperation in leaving the public area.

Pattaya City Deputy Mayor Wutisak Rermkitkarn together with representatives from the Department of Provincial Administration, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS), the Office of Social Welfare in Pattaya, and the Peacekeeping Unit to assess the situation and address public concerns regarding the presence of homeless persons in the area.

Deputy Mayor Wutisak acknowledged that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) had been signed with 11 relevant agencies in May and the inspection was to evaluate the progress made through collaboration with these agencies. The specific focus was on the area beneath the Bali Hai overpass, which had become a gathering spot for homeless individuals. Their presence not only raised safety concerns but also had an impact on the city’s reputation as a tourist destination. Therefore, a thorough examination of the area was conducted.

Preliminary conversations were initiated to gain a better understanding of their situation and seek their cooperation. The inspectors learned that some people were unemployed and sought refuge there because they had nothing to do.

However, as their choice to live wherever they wanted is protected as a matter of human rights, authorities could not forcefully remove them from the location.

The homeless have set up temporary shelters under the Bali Hai flyover in South Pattaya.

To discourage the return of homeless individuals, the Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Office was assigned to clean the area and dispose of any amassed garbage. Additionally, those willing to seek assistance were encouraged to visit the MSDHS shelter, where they could receive vocational training and support.

The inspectors were informed that a frail woman was seen in the area, who needed medical assistance. The authorities swiftly located her and ensured that she received necessary medical attention at the Bang Lamung Hospital. Her relatives in Uttaradit Province were also contacted to provide further assistance. The authorities pledged to continue intervening should any similar situations arise.

Pattaya City reiterated its commitment to addressing and resolving these issues, while respecting human rights principles and adopting a compassionate approach when dealing with vulnerable individuals and their underlying familial or mental health challenges.

The public is urged to report any sightings of homeless individuals or those in vulnerable situations to the Office of Social Welfare in Pattaya, Hotline 1300 or through designated social media channels.

The authorities located a frail woman who was sent to Banglamung Hospital for medical attention.