Pattaya City on high alert to tackle flooding during rainy season

Mayor Poramet called a meeting with all relevant departments to plan prevention and mitigation measures to tackle flooding that will definitely hit the city during the rainy season.

In preparation for the upcoming rainy season, Pattaya City Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet held a meeting on June 2, to ensure the city’s readiness in effectively managing and mitigating the risk of flooding.

During the meeting, the progress of various ongoing projects aimed at addressing and preventing flooding in Pattaya was discussed, with the focus on the strategic framework of Neo Pattaya. The early arrival of the rainy season highlighted the need to stay updated on the project’s advancements. Officials and departments presented their proposed solutions to tackle the flooding issue.

Pattaya City encompasses different areas with a total water catchment area of 43.66 square kilometers. This includes salt fields covering 4.88 square kilometers, North Pattaya with 3.90 square kilometers, South Pattaya with 13.91 square kilometers, Thepprasit with 15.10 square kilometers, and Jomtien with 5.87 square kilometers.

The primary cause of flooding in Pattaya is its low-lying topography, which receives water from higher ground in the eastern region. The existing drainage system, consisting of small pipes, can only accommodate a rainfall volume of up to 40 millimeters per day. Additionally, the canal system, serving as the main waterway, is insufficient for efficient water discharge into the sea. The extensive development of land, often converted into residential buildings, has further exacerbated the flooding situation.

To address these challenges, Pattaya City has implemented proactive measures and preparedness plans. The construction of comprehensive drainage systems in various areas has been prioritized to ensure unobstructed water flow. Pumping stations and water outlets are now staffed around the clock to facilitate timely water drainage, preventing any delays that may contribute to flooding incidents.

Mayor Poramet said t “The city’s commitment to mitigate the impact of the rainy season and addressing the issue of flooding in Pattaya is top priority. By implementing strategic measures and focusing on infrastructure improvements, the city aims to enhance its resilience and protect the well-being of its residents and visitors during periods of heavy rainfall.”

City officials study photographs of flood-prone areas around the city that need close monitoring throughout the day and night.