Pattaya City dismantles abandoned pavilion obstructing stunning beach view

Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai (inset) observes as Pattaya City workers dismantle the old abandoned pavilion from the beach located opposite Pattaya Beach Soi 6 that obstructed the spectacular beach view.

Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai, accompanied by officials from the Department of Civil Engineering, Construction, and Maintenance, visited the area near Chao Poh Ket-ngam Shrine, located opposite Pattaya Beach Soi 6. The June 9 inspection was prompted by multiple complaints from the public and tourists regarding the obstruction caused by a pavilion, which marred the otherwise stunning beach view.

Explaining the background, Manot mentioned that Pattaya had previously undertaken landscape improvements along the entire stretch of Pattaya Beach, from North Pattaya to South Pattaya, with the aim of expanding parking spaces and enhancing pedestrian walkways. The said pavilion had originally been installed before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, intended to facilitate the convenience of municipal officers and lifeguards responsible for ensuring the safety of beachgoers.

During the process of upgrading the beach landscape, the pavilion had been dismantled and temporarily placed on the beach. However, it came to the attention of the public and tourists that the structure obstructed the picturesque beach view, leading to complaints and requests for its removal. Subsequently, the Pattaya authorities conducted an investigation to identify the owner of the pavilion, but were unsuccessful in their efforts.

In response to the situation, the Department of Civil Engineering, Construction, and Maintenance of Pattaya took decisive action. They were directed to dismantle the pavilion and store it in an 8-rai area within Soi Tua Ngok, which falls under the jurisdiction of Pattaya City Hall. The pavilion will be kept there until the rightful owner comes forward to claim it.