Pattaya begins 19 months of construction on Thepprasit Road

Pattaya City officials and the contractors met with businesses along the construction route to inform them of the road construction and beautification project.

Nearly two years of roadwork has begun on Thepprasit Road, with affected residents notified about the disruptions ahead.

Deputy City Manager Kaittisak Sriwongchai and Pattaya engineers inspected the start of work in front of the D’Luck Kaan Theater Nov. 20.

The 124-million-baht project running through May 2023 will see new drainage pipes installed on both side of Thepprasit Road over six kilometers, ending at Sukhumvit Road. New sidewalks will built and power and utility lines will be buried under the center of the road.

Siripol Sriprasart, managing director for lead contractor Phromyothakarn Rayong (1993) Co., said Thepprasit Road will be dug up in 200-meter increments to minimize disruptions. Once pipe is laid, the section of road will be reopened.

Pattaya Deputy Manager, Kaittisak Sriwongchai and officers of the Pattaya City Engineering Office inspect the launch site for the construction work on Thepprasit road.

Company executives already met with home and business owners along the route to inform them about the upcoming roadwork, disruptions and detours and to solicit opinions and suggestions, as well as field complaints, Siripol said.

The company also erected signboards along the construction route to inform the public about the plans and timeline.

Kiattisak said the public notification was necessary because city officials are criticized frequently for the many disruptive road projects.

He said every project is necessary to improve the city, reduce flooding and improve the scenery.

Thepprasit Road will become a construction zone until 16 May 2023.


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