Pattaya beach vendor returns 40,000 baht dropped by tourist

Beach chair vendor Adulsak Srimantra returns the fancy wallet containing 40,000 baht to a very relieved tourist who had dropped it on the beach.

A beach vendor returned 40,000 baht a tourist who dropped her wallet at the Pattaya Fireworks Festival.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai and his aides on Nov. 30 thanked Adulsak Srimantra, 43, for returning the fat wallet with a cartoon character on the outside to its owner.

There was no identification or anything else in the wallet. Just cash. So the vendor held on to it. Eventually, a hotel clerk called, saying a guest who had reserved beach chairs for the fireworks had reported her wallet missing.

Adulsak said the owner gave him a reward.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai (right) thanks Adulsak Srimantra for his honesty, commending him for his exemplary character.

Manote said Adulsak was an example of a good Pattaya host, unlike those who illegally jacked up prices for the fireworks show from the normal 50 to 100 baht.

Manote vowed that if the city learned who was gouging Pattaya’s precious few tourists, their licenses would be suspended or revoked.