Female Russian tourist brutally assaulted and robbed at Pattaya Bali Hai Pier

The heartless criminal Kriengsak Klomkaew re-enacts the crime of brutally assaulting female Russian tourist Alena Seryuk and stealing her phone and money.

Police arrested a career criminal who allegedly beat and robbed a Russian tourist in broad daylight in Pattaya.

Kriengsak Klomkaew, 42, was captured on the beach near the intersection of Beach and Central Roads Dec. 1. Police recovered a Samsung smartphone owned by Alena Seryuk, 56.

Seryuk was punched in the face, breaking her nose, in the Nov. 28 attack around noon at Bali Hai Pier.

Police said closed-circuit television cameras captured Kriengsak fleeing the scene on a motorbike, driving up Walking Street, then on the Pattaya Beach footpath to Central Road, where he parked the bike and sat down with friends like nothing happened.

Russian tourist was punched in the face breaking her nose in the brutal assault and robbery at Pattaya Bali Hai Pier.

The Russian victim said he took her phone and US$2,000 she was carrying.

Police obtained an arrest warrant then sent plainclothes police back to the spot on the beach where Kriengsak hangs out with friends, where they arrested him.

Investigators said Kriengsak confessed, admitting he’d committed nine robberies in Rayong Province and had been arrested and jailed numerous times.

Once Pattaya reopened and began drawing visitors again, Kriengsak said he decided to come to the city to rob wealthy tourists to pay for drugs and alcohol.

Medics tend to Alena Seryuk’s injuries at the scene of the crime.