Pattaya bargirls turn market vendors during 2nd shutdown

Joy, the owner of Richmond Bar & Guesthouse in Jomtien, led staff to sell 2nd hand clothes to earn an income. Some of the proceeds will be used to make meal boxes for Free Food Fridays at the bar to help people affected by COVID-19.

Pattaya’s second shutdown has sent the city’s bar workers again scrambling to find other jobs, most totally unrelated to serving cold beer or swinging around chrome poles.

Jarungsak, a Third Road bar waiter, is now selling grilled fish from a street cart.

Hostesses from the Richmond Bar & Guesthouse on Soi Welcome in Jomtien Beach have started selling secondhand clothes at the Buffalo Market to make ends meet.

Joy, wife of owner Paul Cross, led the women to the market Jan. 3 to set up their stall.

Joy said she didn’t want to lay-off the women while the bar was closed as they were like family members. So those who didn’t have boyfriends or sponsors joined together to sell old clothes.

The money will help the women pay bills and fund meal boxes the bar will donate to those in need, she said.