Chang & Richmond team up to feed the hungry in Pattaya

Heath Woodward and Dean Woodward are not related by blood, but they are related in spirit. The two men are bedrock of the Free Food Fridays.

Chang and Richmond have joined together to help feed hungry Thai people who have been put out of work due to the latest shut down brought on by the pandemic’s second wave.

“Wutinun, aka Mr Chang, has always helped in the Charity Pool League and I thought it would be a good idea if we teamed up together,” said Richmond Paul.

We had planned a charity night together but this has been suspended due to the current situation with the virus. We were both very disappointed but everybody is in the same boa

We will be staging it at a later date.

Mr Chang supports all the bars whenever we have events, with his own Chang staff. This has been a godsend with most bars now running with the minimum amount of staff.

Looking splendid in their Chang apparel and ready to hand out free food and water to those in need.

New Year’s Day, the Free Food Friday event was able to give out 600 bags of free food to hungry Thai people. Almost immediately after, the bars went into lockdown, food lines were banned, and things seemed to be getting harder.

Luckily the ban didn’t last and officials have once again allowed Free Food Fridays to resume from the Richmond on Soi Welcome in Jomtien.

The next event was scheduled to take place today, January 8. The good people from Chang once again helped organizers with a trip to Macro to pick up the food needed to fill the parcels to be given away free.

Big thanks to everybody who has supported the Richmond in giving free bags of food. We started in March and are still going thanks to donations and support from all round the world.

Any support is very much appreciated:

Joy 098 961 8599 line 098 961 8599.

Heading into Makro to load up for the next day’s charity event.

Unloading the pickup on Soi Welcome Jomtien.