Pattaya bargirl missing; family fears she’s being held against will

Chanapa Yuthiya came to Pattaya from Chaiyaphum with the missing woman’s 7-month-old daughter.

Relatives of a Pattaya bargirl have filed a missing person’s report after being unable to reach the 24-year-old Chaiyaphum native for five days.

Chanapa Yuthiya, 50, arrived from the Issan province Nov. 21 to locate her daughter, Tawika Yuthiya, 24, bringing the missing woman’s 7-month-old daughter with her.

Tawika Yuthiya worked as a bargirl in Pattaya. Her family is worried because they can’t find her.She filed the missing person’s report at Pattaya Police Station, saying neither she nor her other daughter has been able to contact Tawika since Nov. 16. She also said she believed Tawika has been living with a man who has refused to let her return home.

Chanapa is worried because her daughter has a chronic health condition that needs continual monitoring and medication.

She said the man Tawika has been living with previously told the family that the woman doesn’t want to return home, despite her health problems and daughter, and that she was staying with him. But the man would not disclose where they were living.

She asked police to urgently locate her daughter and send her back to the Northeast.

Chanapa Yuthiya, the mother, left a message to Miss Tawika to please come back because mom is really worried.
Anyone finding her, please send her back because she needs nursing care for her sickness.