Thai woman takes giant snake for drive around town

The two-meter-long python does almost blend in with the upholstery.

An Uthai Thani woman who found a two-meter-long python in her car’s back seat feared she may have been driving the snake around the Lower North province all day.

Nanpat Boonbandan, 36, said Nov. 20 that she had been out running errands Thursday and drove with two friends in the back seat to have lunch without knowing there might be a slithery reptile lurking in her Toyota sedan.

Animal-control officers to the rescue – they caught the python and released it into the wild.

On Friday morning, she went out to her car to get some fruit she had forgotten and opened the back door to find the giant snake lying there. She called animal-control officers who caught the python and released it into the wild.

She then asked the rescue volunteers to check how the big snake could have gotten in her car. They discovered that the car, which previously had a natural-gas system, had a hole into the spare-tire compartment for the gas tube. When it was removed, the workers did not close the hole and the snake likely crawled in through that.

She doesn’t know how long the snake was in the car.

Nanpat said she didn’t know how long the snake had been in her back seat. She feared she might have been driving around with it all day.
The rascally reptile put up a fight but it should be much happier out in the wild.