Pattaya bar owner knocks out deadbeat Russian over 60 baht

Paramedics treat Michel, the Russian tourist who was knocked unconscious by an angry lady bar owner who was miffed that the man hit on her girls and didn’t want to pay his bar bill.

A Russian tourist got punched in the face by a Pattaya bar owner after refusing to pay his 60-baht bill.

“Jane”, the 53-year-old owner of the Bonzi Bar in South Pattaya made it known loud and clear she was the one who knocked out the Russian, identified only as “Michel”. When police and paramedics arrived, he was unconscious on the ground and had a bloody face.

Jane said the Russian ordered a beer, unsuccessfully hit on all the ladies in the bar and then tried to leave without paying. An argument ensued and she hit and beat him until he was knocked out.

Police warned the bar owner that beating up deadbeat Russians is bad for Pattaya’s image.