Pattaya authorities reiterate order to wear facemasks in public

Pol. Maj. Jeerawat Sukontasap, chief of peacekeeping and security in Pattaya City ordered officers to instruct and warn people to abide by the COVID-19 safety regulations.

An incident went viral on social media showed an elderly woman exercising on Pattaya beach as a city peacekeeping officer approached her and asked her to wear a face mask for the protection of others.

The woman did not like to be told what to do, so the confrontation led to a heated argument between the two.

Following the incident, reporters spoke to residents on the beach May 24, who said, “Most people who exercise on the beach are aware of the safety regulations and diligently wear their face masks. But you will find an odd person or two who are stubborn and will not listen to reason, let alone obey the emergency law governing safety and distancing from other people.”

One person trains regularly on the beach said, “I exercise every day to stay healthy and I always wear a face mask. I find that wearing a face mask during exercise restricts my breathing, so I choose a face mask made from a thinner material.”

Though most of the shops are closed due to the pandemic, residents and visitors still like to exercise on Pattaya Beach during the late afternoons and early evening.

Pol. Maj. Jeerawat Sukontasap, responsible for peacekeeping and security in Pattaya City said that he is investigating the incident between the city official and the woman on the beach. He said “The law states that every person must wear a face mask in public places at all times. Gatherings in public places and most especially drinking alcohol on the beaches are strictly prohibited.

“I have ordered my officers to strictly patrol all Pattaya streets and beaches. Their duties are to instruct and warn people to abide by the safety regulations as ordered by the authorities. No harsh punishment will be meted out except to those to deliberately break the law even after having been given due warning.”

A leisurely stroll on Pattaya Beach walkway is relaxing and yet invigorating.