Pattaya area industrial estate hit with heavy flooding

Police officers help push stalled cars off the road.

Sriracha district was hit with heavy flooding after two hours of solid rain Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Roads in Bo Win Subdistrict, east of Pattaya, were inundated, making it impossible for small vehicles to pass through the Sahapat Group industrial estate and Chalong Market. Water in Muang District reached a meter deep.

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Water gushes out of blocked drainage, causing more flooding on the roads.

District officers were dispatched to Nakhon Laem Chabang and Sriracha subdistricts to get traffic moving and help those with flooded homes.

Muang District Chief Thanee Rattananon inspected Jerm Jompol Road in front of the Health Garden where garbage and natural debris clogged sewer openings. He oversaw urgent work to clear the drains and relieve the flooding.

City workers work frantically to clear the blocked drainage in the area.

Small cars could just barely crawl through the flooded roads.