Partial solar eclipse Sunday

The eclipse can also be viewed online here.
The eclipse can also be viewed online here.

Dust off your eclipse watching glasses, weather permitting a rare partial solar eclipse will be visible in Thailand from about 1pm to about 4pm Sunday, June 21, 2020.

We will only be able to witness 40% of totality, which will come at around 3pm.

Never look directly at the Sun without proper eye protection. You can seriously hurt your eyes and even go blind. And especially don’t look at the sun through binoculars or a telescope, although these can be used to create a solar viewing projector. Making a pinhole camera is also an option.

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How to use binoculars to safely view an eclipse:

How to make pinhole camera:

If you don’t want to go outside, you might be able to watch it on the web here:


City Name Partial Eclipse Begins Maximum Eclipse Partial Eclipse Ends
Bangkok, THA * 13:10:56 14:48:46 16:09:53