Panicky, no-signal driver crashes into Chonburi auto shop

A panicky woman behind the wheel of a black Toyota Vios lost control and slammed into an auto parts store in Na Pha Subdistrict.

A driver who didn’t use turn signals and panicked easily crashed her Toyota through the front of a Chonburi wheel store.

No one was injured in the Oct. 6 crash into the Thong Chai Kan Yan shop in Na Pha Subdistrict of Chonburi’s Muang District.

The unidentified woman behind the wheel of the Toyota claimed she was coming from the Don Hua For intersection and suddenly heard loud honking. She panicked and swerved, but was hit in the rear by a pickup truck and she lost control, plunging into the store.

The pickup driver, Trakansak Pansa, told a very different tale. He said the woman turned through the intersection without a signal right in front of him. He didn’t have enough space to brake before rear-ending her.

The unidentified woman said she heard loud honking and swerved to get out of the way.

Store owner Sunee Cheewinworaluk said cars being serviced and her stock of automotive supplies and mag wheels were damaged, but she couldn’t estimate yet how much.

Police advised Sunee to detail the damage and negotiate with the Toyota driver for compensation.

Store owner Sunee Cheewinworaluk, asleep on an upper floor, said she was awakened by the crash.