Overtaking driver slams into concrete barrier in Rayong

Ra (left) watches as his pickup truck is towed away after he smashed it into a concrete barrier claiming that the road narrowed into one lane and there were no marked warning signs.

Two people were hurt when a Rayong motorist trying to overtake another car ran into a concrete barrier.
Identified only as “Ra”, 49, the pickup truck and his unidentified passengers sustained minor injuries, including three lost teeth, in the after-midnight Aug. 7 crash on Route 3191 in Nikhom Pattana that totaled the truck. They were treated at Nikhom Pattana Hospital.

Ra told police that only one lane of the four-lane highway is open due to construction but, for a stretch, he could drive parallel to another car. He denied it, but police suspect he was trying to overtake the other driver.

Instead, Ra drove right past blinking warning lights and signs straight into concrete barriers blocking off three lanes.

This photograph shows the sign warning motorists that the road narrows into one lane.