Nongprue residents unite to repair home of elderly woman

Nongprue residents unite to renovate the home of Nid Panprasong, a 66-year-old visually impaired woman. They also gave her bags of food and amenities to support her during hard times.

Residents of Nongprue Municipality, led by Deputy Mayor Wanchai Saenngam and a dedicated team of volunteers, united to renovate the home of Nid Panprasong, a 66-year-old visually impaired woman, on September 26. The house, situated in Nongprue sub-district, urgently needed repairs due to deteriorating walls, unstable floors, and a disconnected roof section, posing concerns about its structural integrity.

Deputy Mayor Wanchai, along with local government officials, social welfare workers, and community volunteers, collaborated to address these issues. Their goal was to ensure the safety and well-being of Nid, who resides in the house with her daughter.

The renovation project, focusing on structural improvements for occupant safety, is anticipated to take about a week. Additionally, a pathway connecting the bathroom to the house is being constructed, enabling Nid to access the bathroom without leaving her home, enhancing her daily safety.

Upon completion of the renovations, an official house handover ceremony is planned. To show support, the social welfare department of Nongprue Municipality has provided livelihood bags to uplift Nid’s family during this time of community solidarity.