Noisy Middle Eastern bikers enrage residents in South Pattaya

Middle Eastern big bike riders recklessly driving through Soi Yen Sabai in South Pattaya, causing disturbances after midnight every night.

Pattaya, Thailand – Residents and commuters around VC Hotel and Soi Yen Sabai in South Pattaya are growing increasingly frustrated with a group of foreign nationals riding their noisy motorcycles, commonly referred to as “big bikes,” and recklessly speeding through the streets, causing significant disturbances after midnight every night.

Soi Yen Sabai has become a gathering spot for foreign residents, particularly of Middle Eastern nationalities, who are known for their penchant for loud motorcycle rides throughout the night. Some have even modified their bikes for increased speed and engaged in impromptu races on Thapphraya Road, Phra Tamnak Road, and Jomtien Second Road, without regard for others’ wellbeing.

Local residents in Soi Yen Sabai expressed their annoyance with this group of young foreign residents, mainly aged between 17 and 25, for blatantly disregarding traffic rules, not to mention the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. They have witnessed these individuals driving recklessly, cutting off other vehicles without hesitation and occasionally participating in races, raising concerns about potential accidents involving other innocent road users.

The residents are calling on authorities to intensify monitoring and inspection of rental motorcycle businesses, as many of these rented vehicles are equipped with modified exhausts, contributing to excessive noise levels that cause distress to the community.

Despite previous efforts by the local police to address the issue, the foreign youths seem undeterred. It has come to light that these tourist groups have been in the area for approximately two months, often renting motorcycles for reckless driving escapades.