Negligent contractor destroys neighbor’s house wall in landslide

A construction contractor’s negligence during excavation work caused a neighboring homeowner’s exterior wall to collapse exposing the interior of the house.

A construction company will rebuild a Banglamung Subdistrict homeowner’s exterior wall after it dug too close to the property line.
Mayor Jaraywat Chinnawat and subdistrict engineers visited the Banglamung Soi 5 home of Somchai Saensuk, who stood among the rubble of the 20-meter wall Feb. 2.

The 2-meter wall collapsed away from Somchai’s house Feb. 1 as land dug out behind the wall caved in.

Anuwat Palakawong, construction manager for the unidentified company building a large showroom on the property behind Somchai’s house, admitted his workers excavated too close to the fence, causing the landslide and collapse.

He said the company takes full responsibility and will bring in a pile driver and put in new posts three meters apart and rebuild the wall, in its original style, two meters tall and 20 meters long.

Somchai said he was satisfied with the proposal and will not take legal action if the company follows through. The process should take a few days to complete.

A dejected Somchai Saensuk looks out through his collapsed house wall at construction laborers clearing away the rubble.