Nationwide healthcare for Thai citizens coming to Pattaya

Kitti Boonratananet, Public Health Officer of Banglamung District, explains the registration process for the “Single ID Card, Treatment Everywhere” healthcare policy at Banglamung Hospital, highlighting the benefits of the Health ID system.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The Public Health Officer of Banglamung District has announced the implementation of Thailand’s progressive healthcare policy, “Single Thai ID Card, Treatment Everywhere.” This initiative, designed to ensure universal healthcare access, now covers 45 provinces, although it currently excludes Chonburi province.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Public Health is accelerating efforts to achieve nationwide coverage by enhancing the 30 Baht Healthcare Card scheme. This initiative is set to expand healthcare benefits to all citizens across the country. In anticipation of the medical plan soon covering the entire nation, citizens eligible for the “30 Baht Treat Every Disease” privilege are urged to register and verify their identities via the Health ID system.

The Health ID system offers numerous benefits, including access to medical treatment records, search histories from participating hospitals, electronic medical certifications, online doctor appointments, telemedicine consultations, and medication delivery services.

Kitti Boonratananet, the Public Health Officer of Banglamung District, announced that eligible citizens are required to bring their ID cards and mobile phones to register and confirm their identities at various healthcare facilities. These include Banglamung Hospital, Wat Yan Sangwararam Hospital, and local health promotion hospitals. Additionally, the Banglamung District Health Office offers identity confirmation services at the district registration and national identity card section of the Banglamung District Office, available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.