Naklua residents tackle canal pollution and community sanitation

Naklua fishermen with their families and friends ply the canal scooping up garbage and waste accumulated in the waterway.

Pattaya, Thailand – Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet rallied municipal officials, community leaders, and local residents from the Naklua area to tackle pressing environmental concerns, focussing on revitalizing the primary canal and its surrounding environs. The event was held on Sept 21, providing an inclusive platform for residents and students from Pattaya City School 3 to converge and actively partake in the restoration of the Naklua Canal.

The mission heightened awareness of environmental conservation, with a particular emphasis on effective waste management. Participants engaged in dialogues concerning the multifaceted challenges and far-reaching consequences that local communities face due to environmental issues. Together, they acknowledged the urgent need to address waste-related problems, recognizing the profound impacts of unchecked pollution.

The cornerstone of the campaign was the unwavering commitment to metamorphose the Naklua Canal into a pristine and picturesque waterway and aspiring to promote their beloved landmark as a magnet for tourists, and a symbol of Naklua community pride.

Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet interacted with Naklua residents while villagers and students cleaned the area of garbage and unsanitary waste.