Agencies aid homeless and tackle rampant begging in Pattaya

Authorities speak to a displaced person in Pattaya offering him assistance and protection at the Chonburi Homeless Shelter.

Pattaya, Thailand – Pattaya authorities demonstrated their commitment to addressing the needs of homeless people and especially the problem of rampant beggars in the city, when on Sept 20, with the collaborating of the Chonburi Province Homeless Shelter and local police officers, they conducted a compassionate operation aimed not only to provide assistance to the neglected, but also to reflect the city’s commitment to maintaining social order while upholding the rule of law.

Various government officials from the Pattaya Municipal Office, representatives from the Department of Social Welfare, the Office of Peacekeeping, and the Policy and Planning Department took part in this comprehensive operation targeting areas near Pattaya Beach Road, Pattaya Second Road, and nearby locations. These areas often become refuge spots for homeless individuals and beggars.

The initiative had a dual approach. During the operation, nine individuals were identified as part of this vulnerable community. For homeless individuals, the authorities extended a compassionate hand, with three of them willingly accepting offers of assistance and protection services. The Chonburi Province Homeless Shelter played a vital role in ensuring that these individuals received the care and welfare measures they so desperately needed.

In addition to aiding the homeless, the operation addressed the issue of begging within the city. Two individuals, one Thai and one of Cambodian nationality, accompanied by three young children were taken into custody. Legal proceedings and penalties were enforced in accordance with the law for these individuals.

Authorities specifically targeted men and women who had their children with them as they plied the streets at night begging from residents and tourists.