Mudslide closes Khao Sam Muk road in Bangsaen beach

A pickup truck is blocked from going forward by huge boulders that came rolling down the hillside caused by heavy rain.

A mudslide blocked the road at the foot of Khao Sam Muk hill in Bangsaen Beach, closing the road for several hours Monday.

Rocks and mud loosened by the weekend’s heavy rain slid across the roadway in Saensuk Subdistrict. Work crews used bulldozers to clear the roadway. Workers also shored up the roadside to prevent a reoccurrence.

Crew foreman Wichien Panpinit warned motorists to be aware of possible rockslides during the rainy season.

A car carefully maneuvers around a boulder on the Khao Sam Muk road.


We don’t think wonder woman is able to move the rocks with her broom.

A heavy-duty loader removes the rocks slide from the road.