Motorcyclist injured in Sattahip wreck

Rescue workers tend to Sajjaporn Laokhanae, injured during an accident on a dark road outside Pattaya.

A motorcyclist broke her leg when her Honda Click was rear-ended by a pickup truck in Sattahip.

Sajjaporn Laokhanae, 26, was taken to a hospital near the Nov. 14 accident site on Highway 331 entering Takhiantia.

The driver of the Isuzu pickup, Narin Senarin, 30, said he didn’t see Sajjaporn as she crossed lanes.

Witnesses said Narin was speeding. He, however, blamed a dark road.

Sajjaporn’s Honda Click motorcycle was a write-off.

The black Isuzu pickup received damage to the front bumper.