Motorbike illegally using Pattaya motorway kills driver parked on shoulder

Pratan Tansiri, the driver of the Mercedes was killed when a Filano motorbike illegally driving on the motorway hit him as he was walking around the back of his parked car.

A Bangkok man who got out of his car to change drivers was hit and killed by a motorbike illegally using Highway 7 in Pattaya.

Pratan Tansiri, 61, died at the scene of the Jan. 8 accident on Highway 7 near the Sukhumvit Road offramp.

The driver of the Yamaha Filano that hit Pratan and his black Mercedes-Benz, Worapol Kumchompu, 28, sustained minor injuries and was transported to Banglamung Hospital.

Chuleewan Chonchinorod, 41, said she and Pratan were driving a monk from Bangkok to visit various temples in Pattaya. Pratan said he was tired, so he and Chuleewan stopped so she could drive.

He got out of the vehicle only to have the speeding motorcycle crash into the back of the sedan parked on the side of the highway just as he walked behind the vehicle.

Motorbikes such as the Filano are prohibited from driving on toll motorways such as Highway 7, which is why Worapol was driving on the shoulder.