Mother panics after 7-year-old son locks handcuffs on legs

The 7-year-old boy coolly plays on his mobile phone as rescue workers set him free of the nasty handcuffs locked around his ankles.

Pattaya, Thailand – The Sattahip rescue unit responded to a call from a distressed mother who reported that her 7-year-old son’s legs were tightly locked in handcuffs. The incident took place inside a rented room in Plutaluang sub-district on July 12.

Upon arrival, the rescuers saw that the young boy had both legs trapped in handcuffs, and try as he might was unable to get free of them. They immediately contacted the Plutaluang police station, urgently requesting the appropriate keys to unlock the restraining handcuffs. Police obliged and promptly delivered the keys to the rescuers.

The rescuers swiftly freed the boy from his entrapment, bringing immense relief to both mum and son. Fortunately, the boy was not injured during the traumatic ordeal. The mother, Rojana Saengsaikaeo, 37 and police were left bewildered as to how the boy obtained the handcuffs. But, just in case, the police retained the handcuffs for safekeeping.