Midnight cowboy fires gun at full moon on Jomtien beach

Prapan Pimpa and his girlfriend report to police that they were witness to a red car stopping along Jomtien Beach Road, and a man who stuck a gun out of the window and fired shots into the air.

People still out strolling on the beach on the night of June 26 were given quite a scare when a red car stopped just outside Jomtien Soi 3, reached out from his car window and shot numerous bullets into the sky.

The loud bangs scared the living daylights out of the few people still out late on Saturday night, brightly lit by the beauty of the full strawberry moon.

Police at Dongtan Beach sub-station were notified of the shootings at around 2.30 a.m. At the scene of the crime only 200 meters away from the police post, they met with Prapan Pimpa, 32, together with his girlfriend who told police that as they were strolling on the street looking for a late night meal, they saw a red car stop on the road and a man reached out of the car holding a gun. He fired several shots into the sky and sped off.

Police also heard from another witness, and said they would examine their CCTV footage to track down the rowdy midnight cowboy.

A motorbike taxi at the top of Jomtien Soi 3 said that he was sitting with his back to the street when the shots rang out. He crouched down low to avoid any stray bullets coming his way. He said he didn’t actually see the car nor the gunman, but he was sure that they were gunshots and not blasts of a car exhaust pipe.

Police said that they would examine their CCTV recordings to determine the identity of the troublemaker and bring him in for interrogation and prosecution if found guilty.