Middle-eastern tourists attacked by transvestite gang on Pattaya beach

The injured foreign tourists, their shirts ripped to bits, arrive at the Pattaya police station after having been assaulted by a gang of 20 transvestites.

Pattaya, Thailand – Responding to a distress call, tourist police swiftly intervened in an altercation involving transvestite gangs targeting foreign tourists on bustling Pattaya Beach last week. Arriving at the Baywalk Pattaya Shopping Center on Beach Road, officers encountered three visibly shaken tourists, including two men and a woman from Saudi Arabia and Palestine.

Accompanying the tourists to the Pattaya Police Station for further investigation, officers encountered two transgender women inside, displaying aggressive gestures and an eagerness to confront the foreigners. Both of them had showed signs of injuries suffered during the altercation. Mr. Teerapat Palatchai, 23, had a swollen, bruised lip, while Mr. Narisara Ratchabutsri, 20, bore scratches on his arms, fingers, and head.

During questioning, Mr. Narisara recounted how he and his companions were approached by the Middle Eastern tourists while walking along the beach road. The transgender women extended an invitation to a nearby hotel for rest and companionship. A dispute escalated when one tourist questioned the gender identity of the women, leading to a heated argument and eventual physical confrontation.

Local resident Mr. Jakree Sri-arun, 34, who witnessed the attack, said that more than 20 transvestites battered the tourists. The foreigners tried to flee the scene of the melee but were caught and repeatedly assaulted.

Police sent all the injured parties to a hospital to be treated for their injuries after which they would be questioned and endeavor to resolve the conflict peacefully. Police said that this specific transgender gang has a history of similar incidents, often evading legal consequences, because their foreign victims leave the country after their holiday, so the case is usually dropped.

The two transvestites who were also injured in the scuffle tell their side of the story to the police.