Merchant robbed in late-night car break-in at market parking lot

Thanasarn points to the car window, which the thief smashed to break-in and steal 14,000 baht from his purse at a South Pattaya market parking lot.

On the night of September 11, a 26-year-old clothing store owner fell victim to a car break-in and robbery at a South Pattaya night market’s parking lot. Thanasarn, the store keeper who regularly opens his store at the market around 5:30 pm and returns late at night, was absent when the break-in occurred. The thief smashed the passenger-side car window and made off with 14,000 baht from a bag left inside the vehicle.

The following day, Thanasarn reported the incident to Pol. Capt. Sanan Khotanont, Deputy Superintendent of the Pattaya City Police Station’s Investigation Division. As there were no surveillance cameras in the parking lot, law enforcement officers could only document the details of the robbery. Additionally, heavy rainfall on the night of the theft washed away any potential fingerprints, leaving authorities with minimal evidence to pursue in their investigation.

A dejected Thanasarn has since replaced the damaged car window. He asked the media to broadcast a cautionary message to the public, urging people not to leave valuable items unattended in their vehicles and emphasized the urgent need for enhanced security measures, including the installation of CCTV cameras in parking areas, to deter and catch criminals like the ones who targeted him.