Mayor’s mother’s car vandalized in Chonburi market

Jintana Prasert talks to reporters as she points to her vandalized Toyota Camry parked near the merchandise shop in Chonburi. The incident, occurring in the early hours of the morning, prompting concerns about safety in public spaces.

CHONBURI, Thailand – Jintana Prasert, 72, the mother of Maitree Prasert, the mayor of Don Hua Lo sub-district in Chonburi province, was shocked to find her black Toyota Camry vandalized upon returning from a grocery run around 5 a.m. on March 11. The incident, which left deep scratches and significant damage to the rear of her vehicle, prompted her to swiftly report the matter to Chonburi Police.

The vandalism occurred as Jintana briefly parked her car in front of a merchandise shop near Wat Ratbamrung Temple in Makham Yong sub-district. Expressing her dismay over the incident, Jintana emphasized the severity of the damage and the need to ensure the safety of others in the area. She chose to involve law enforcement, highlighting the inappropriateness of public spaces being targeted by individuals with malicious intent.

Despite considering inquiring at the nearby store initially, Jintana opted to report the incident to authorities. During inquiries by local news reporters, the store owner, preparing to open for business, claimed ignorance regarding the vandalism. Jintana suggested utilizing surveillance cameras owned by the municipality to identify the culprit and voiced concerns about the safety of other patrons using the parking area.