Man crashes trying to transport door frame via motorbike on Pattaya railroad

The rider survived his adventure with a door frame and board without major injury.

An unnamed woman posted a dashcam video on her Facebook page showing a man falling off his motorbike while trying to hold onto a door frame and a piece of wood.

Even more ridiculous, the blue-gray Honda Wave 100 rider secured the load around his neck. He also tried, obviously unsuccessfully, to carry a two-meter board in his left hand. As the load shifted, the bike swerved all over the road before eventually coming to rest in the breakdown lane.

In the video, the woman said she was almost hit June 21 by the bike while traveling along the railway bypass road before the PWA Pattaya Branch Junction. She expressed her anger, saying people and businesses should be more careful, as such irresponsibility could cause danger to others as well.

Luckily, no one was hurt.