Jealous Pattaya wife kills husband she wrongly believed was cheating

When police arrived, Anon Phuakchaya lies dead in a pool of blood in the hallway.

A jealous Cambodian woman confessed to killing her husband after mistakenly believing he was sleeping with her friend in Pattaya.

Wan Lin, 27, was waiting for police when they arrived at her friend’s Soi Photisan 8/1 home in Naklua where husband Anon Phuakchaya, 27, lie dead in a pool of blood in the hallway.

The Nakhon Ratchasima native died of stab wounds to the chest from a 20-centimeter-long kitchen knife, which was recovered at the scene.

Wan’s friend – and the woman she believed was her husband’s mistress – Sawon Mai, 28, told police she and Anon had been drinking with others at a party on Soi Nernplubwan.

Anon got too drunk to drive home, so he asked to sleep it off at Sawon’s place. She agreed.

Wan tracked her husband to Sawon’s place and flew into a rage, believing the two were having an affair. Before Sawon could explain, Wan stabbed her husband dead.

Anon Phuakchaya’s Cambodian wife Wan Lin (in orange shirt) confesses to the murder as she sits next to the body. Sawon Mai (in black shirt), in whose room the wayward husband bedded down for the night, looks on.

Sawon Mai, also Cambodian, was unable to convince Wan Lin of the couple’s innocence.

The nearly barren room in Sawon Mai’s Naklua apartment on the 3rd floor contained two separate mattresses.

The murder weapon was found nearby.