Immigration deports 26 Cambodian beggars


Immigration authorities rounded up more than two dozen Cambodians begging on Pattaya area streets and deported them back home.

Officers from the Chonburi Immigration Office fanned out across the area March 21, detaining 26 foreigners-many with infants and young children-begging on Pattaya streets.

Paoh, 27, had three young children Na, 33, had an infant, Pao, 27, a 3-month-old boy; and Rum, 27, with a 10-month-old boy. There also were many elderly pandhandlers.

Officers stand watch over the hapless Cambodian beggars and their children.

Pol. Col. Prapansak Prasansook said all the Cambodians were in the country illegally and caused problems and besmirched the image of Pattaya by begging on the streets.