Street vendor apologizes for punching Russian tourist


A street vendor who admitted punching a Russian tourist in the face after he turned down offers for sex drugs and a nude show turned himself in to police, saying he was sorry to besmirch the image of Pattaya.

Wilat Thongsaem, 37, went to see Pattaya police chief Pol. Col. Sukthat Pumpunmuang March 24 to set the record straight following the Russian’s earlier complaint.

The perpetrators humbly apologise to Pattaya residents, tourists and businesses for their wrong-doing.

Wilat said it was true he offered sexual-performance pills to the tourist and invited his group to go and watch a nude show. But he claimed that one of the Russian men spat in his face, so he threw a punch, hitting him in the eye, and then ran away.

Wilat wanted to apologize to Pattaya residents, tourists and business vendors for not being able to control his temper and affecting the image of tourism with his reckless behavior.

Sukthat said the Russian man has since gone to Koh Sichang and didn’t want to press charges.